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A Brief Summary of Joint Venture Equity Partnerships

Ira Virden

Ira Virden has worked in the Portland, Oregon, office of HFF since 2012. A commercial real estate and finance industry professional with more than a decade of experience, he oversees all joint venture equity efforts for multi-housing properties throughout the Pacific Northwest along with other important responsibilities. In his position with HFF, Ira Virden also manages recapitalizations and institutional investment sales.

A joint venture equity project is a strategic financial alliance between real estate owners and outside investors or service providers, generally formed before the property owner begins developing a new project or recapitalizing an old asset. Joint venture equity partnerships provide both parties with a number of benefits, including risk diversification, financial leverage, and capital redeployment. Joint ventures also allow real estate owners and partners to exchange mutually beneficial information and resources relevant to the project.

Experienced real estate owners know that a standardized approach to joint venture partnerships will not work in all instances. When evaluating a potential partnership, it is important for equity teams to utilize all available regional market knowledge and insight into economic trends in order to achieve the most compatible, competitive joint venture possible.

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